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Housing and utility

Looking for the security of a partner you can trust to build your property. Whether it's a school, a commercial building or an apartment, you want a partner, who puts all his expertise and experience in your project.

You want to be sure that you get the most out of your budget. Focus on "Total Cost off Ownership " is the job at hand. The focus is to keep your long-term operating costs as low as possible.

You expect your supplier organization modeled in such a way that it perfectly meet the specific requirements for the implementation of your project at hand. The Housing and Utility Division of BEOS Elektrotechniek offers the assurance of maximum flexibility. For very large projects as well as smaller projects.

The Housing and Utility Division specializes in building-related installations. This division operates in all market segments with our vision "United force for building-related installations." as guidance.

For all assignments we provide the best customized solutions, reliable quality and sustainable service. We see things from your perspective and even from the perspective of the end user, to achieve even better solutions. By doing so to many clients we are not only a partner but also a sounding board.

BEOS Electrical Engineering is active in these sectors: offices, buildings, shops, retail, hospitality, government, healthcare, retail, luxury to very luxury housing.

We are committed to designing, installing and maintaining high quality electrical installations, as light and power, building management systems, data networks, telephone systems, sound systems, fire detection and intrusion and access control.
Of course we also deliver complex installations that deviate strongly from the standard.

Social trends such as telecommuting, mobility and aging make their demands on public and private spaces. To BEOS Electrical Engineering this is a constant point of attention. Whether it's technical infrastructures for offices, government buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, stores, restaurants or housing, we put the user always in the first place.

Our horizon extends beyond the construction phase. BEOS Electrical Engineering is active in all life-cycles of a building: initiative, design, implementation and use. We deliver not only the 'manpower', but together with you we try to realize the highest return on investment. We do this by finding optimal technical solutions and functions for every space in a building. For now and in the future.

Solutions in the field of communications, security, energy and comfort can be linked by BEOS Electrical Engineering to optimize user friendliness. This allows the end user to manage all functions with a central management tool or management software. In this way maintenance of technical systems is guaranteed for a long time at the best value for money.

• longer service life of technical systems
• measurable cost savings
• guaranteed lower costs
• more flexibility in the future
• increased efficiency
• more comfort

BEOS Electrical Engineering is active within the housing and utilities sector in the following market segments:
• business services
• hospitals and nursing homes
• government buildings
• schools
• project development
• retail and catering
• housing
• renovation
• service & maintenance
• inspections

With housing it is in particular about the design, installation and operational handover of (integrated) electrical systems in new buildings. So we provide factories, offices, schools, shops, community centers, housing etc. with the required infrastructure in the areas of lighting, automation, data networking, security, emergency / no trespassing, etc. We work in both scope moderate, and building team context. Optionally we also provide complete project management for projects, including mechanical installations and other disciplines.

With renovation it is about adapting and upgrading electrical facilities and equipment in existing buildings, office buildings, homes, etc. Regularly, we also work in monuments. BEOS Electrical Engineering has extensive experience in these environments, the implementation - in addition to specific skills - including specific requirements and conditions. Like the minimalisation of (noise) nuisance, because you often work in existing environments.

Service & Maintenance
BEOS Electrical Engineering offers service & maintenance of all facilities and components provided and installed by it’s own Housing and Utility Division as well as facilities and components provided and installed by other construction companies. Well trained staff ensure that our clients - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – are kept hassle free. The possibilities go beyond appropriate action in any malfunction. We also offer Service & Maintenance on a contract basis, small scale preventative maintenance to comprehensive all-inclusive service agreements.

Besides preventive and corrective maintenance care BEOS Electrical Engineering also perform preventive and / or periodic mandatory inspections, such as NEN 3140 and NEN-EN 50110-1. We have much experience with zero-inspections, including the commissioning of new installations. The small-scale expansion and modification of existing installations, is part of our options.

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