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Industrial Technology

As an industrial client you want the insurance that your installation partner has all the electrical and technical knowledge at hand. You want the security of all-round specialists for your company's full range of electrical and technical work.

Communicate directly with your own project manager that knows your company inside and outside, is the method that suits you. A few words from you should be sufficient to get the right proposals and solutions.

The security of a partner that is always there for recurrent (maintenance) work, makes you feel at home. You want a partner who does not wait, but shows initiatives and thus shows that your company's business is his first priority. You will find that security in the people of the Industrial Services Division of BEOS Electrical Engineering.

Thanks to our innovative and reliable organization, we work for many industrial companies that see their (mechanical) production continue flawlessly thanks to our electrical engineering. We provide and build light- and power installations, control engineering, PLC control systems, automation processes and climate systems.

With well-organized project management and up-to-date knowledge BEOS Electrical Engineering improves continuity and quality of production. BEOS Electrical Engineering proactively focuses on the design, construction, maintenance and management of technical and logistical systems. Via thorough analysis and technically sophisticated solutions, we improve the efficiency of processes and installations. Safety, quality, flexibility and innovation are our main pillars.

BEOS Electrical Engineering puts sustainability first at every level. We strive for a good and lasting relationship with each party, from employee to customer and supplier. In addition, our quality of work extends the life of plants, minimizes cost of operation, optimizes workflow and creates the proper foundation for sustainable returns. The Industrial Services Division specializes in process-related installations. Typical of this division is that we are accustomed to working on systems that affect the primary process of the customer. We have extensive experience in various sectors. Specialist knowledge and passionate commitment, are the added value for our clients.

BEOS Electrical Engineering is flexible. We are used to cover large projects and small jobs with even great care. Experience, knowledge and 'manpower' enough. Whether it be long or short-term projects, you can count on us in all cases.

We are known for our high quality and as a precursor to many specific areas of knowledge and practices. We have all current certificates. Safety is always paramount.

• longer service life of technical systems
• measurable cost savings
• guaranteed lower costs
• more flexibility in the future
• increased efficiency
• more comfort

BEOS Electrical Engineering works in the sector Industry in the following market segments:
• business services
• Engineering and consultancy
• installations
• Service & Maintenance

Engineering & Consultancy
Engineering is often at the forefront of activities to get the customer's processes more manageable. BEOS Electrical Engineering employees are high quality specialists in the field of industrial processes, including control and power units. Translating customer needs to the best possible technical solution is our main goal for the costumer. Our experience and extensive technical knowledge of customer specific processes are a fertile ground for practical consultancy services.

Technical installations
The fieldwork at a plant is performed by a specialized team. From project management to implementation on site. This team is accustomed to minimize disruptions in the primary process of the plant / customer to an absolute minimum. Obviously every project starts with thorough planning.

Service & Maintenance
BEOS Electrical Engineering offers on all systems and components the best Service & Maintenance options. Our well trained staff keep our customers 24 / 7 hassle free. The possibilities go beyond appropriate action in any malfunction. We also offer customized service on a contract basis, small-scale preventive maintenance (to avoid interference between regular intervals) to extensive all-inclusive service agreements. Application of an efficient long-term maintenance plan assures longer service life of technical systems and provides measurable cost savings.

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